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Logan Paul goes the distance with Floyd Mayweather in exhibition bout.......

Social media star Logan Paul went the full 8 rounds with the self-confessed GOAT & arguably boxing's greatest superstar, Floyd Mayweather in the early hours of Sunday morning (U.K).

Paul managed to avoid a knockout in Miami, although the punches landed by both fighters were testament as to why that may have been, with both fighters registering low output.

The crowd ringside booed loudly at the end of the contest, probably due as they were hoping to witness either an upset from Paul or a knockout from Mayweather; neither of which looked like materialising.

The fight was reminiscent of a glorified sparring session, with Mayweather avoiding the awkward looking shots that Paul attempted to land on him. The ringside crowd expecting more from both guys were sadly disappointed, although I am sure both participants will not be too worried about that once their final purses have been calculated.

Respect was shown by both fighters at the end of the contest, and Paul was even hopeful of a rematch; and knowing the self-confessed Money-Mayweather, if the figures add up, that would not be beyond the realms of possibility.

I think the only word to describe this contest would be "bizzare" and certainly it was not a match up for the boxing purist. However, Paul who has over 66 million followers on YouTube, and whose previous foray in to the ring was a loss against fellow YouTuber, KSI, felt that he had earned Mayweather's respect in the ring.

This contest will not be recorded against Mayweather's exemplary 50-0 record.

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