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A Catch up with Hollie Towl


Hollie Towl is a 17 year old Featherweight fighter, she has been a professional boxer licensed with BIBA since August 2020.

Hollie is 1 -0 as a professional

Hollie is a five-time National Amateur Champion, former multi-box champion and National title belt winner at Lightweight.

Boxes out of: Boyles Pro Boxing at Xbox Boxing Academy in Worksop.

Trainer: Chris Boyle

Licensed by: BIBA

How did you get in to boxing?

I was 11 years old and my mum’s friend was a member at Boyles and my mum wanted me to try it out. I attended and booked a PT session which involves pads, bag work etc and I really enjoyed that. The trainer at the gym Chris Boyle encouraged me to attend the academy sessions. I went along and did the session which was brutal fitness wise, and I struggled a bit! The next day I told my mum that I could not go back. My arms and legs were killing me!

My mum and Chris encouraged me to keep trying so I went back the next week and just stuck at it to improve fitness and it went from there really!

What’s your first memory of a boxing match?

The first live event I went to watch was Kell Brook v Senchenko in Sheffield and I went with Chris and the guys from the gym. Watching that fight really encouraged me to want to fight!

What are some of your favourite fights?

I watch a lot of the classic fights on YouTube such as Sugar Ray Leonard, and absolutely love Mike Tyson. I use these fights to help me develop my own style.

Who are your inspirations now and before you started professionally?

Mike Tyson and Vasyl Lomanchenko. Both are absolute legends!

Who are some of the best fighters that you have sparred/trained with?

Nicola Adams, Terri Harper and also Nina Bradley from Carl Greaves gym. I also spar regularly with Nicola Hopewell & Elle Coulson at Boyles Gym

When are you due to fight again?

Hopefully December 19th but I am waiting for confirmation. My opponent will be Melissa Harianto.

Who is the toughest trickiest opponent you have faced?

There was a Swedish girl, whose name escapes me who I faced in the Golden Girls tournament in Sweden. She was tough and very difficult to work out. I thought I won the fight but I lost on a split decision.

Do you have any funny boxing related memories?

I have had loads of adventures with the guys from the gym! We were always known as the club that would turn up to tournaments last! Occasionally we still do BUT we get there eventually!!

What are your plans for future in boxing?

I want to win all the belts in my weight category and then move up and through the weights. Chris (her coach) joins the call to say that he has every confidence that Hollie will do this! She is a great talent and definitely one to watch!

Interesting fact:

At 17 years of age Hollie already has 3 tattoos, one on her hand, foot and arm

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